The Rawshack Tree

The Rorschach Tree

What do you see in the fork of this tree?  For me it could be the face of an old man or the head of a lion, but I am sure there are many more interpretations.  Comment below to tell me what you see!

The Rawshack Tree
Some trees just have a character. This is one of them. What do you see? Like the Rorschach Test, there is no right answer, it is all up to your imagination!




12 thoughts on “The Rorschach Tree

    1. The old man I can see in this tree is facing the opposite way to the lion. He’s looking up into the branches, and has long hair and a beard. Yes, if you decide to post your photos, Z’d like to see them. thanks, Lisa

  1. Amazing, the more you look, the more images pop out! I see a finely structured rat prolile on the left, a miniature portrait of Elvis, a poodle up in the top part of the fork, and a very tired old lion…. What a wonderful characterful tree!

    1. I took this photograph on a day when I was trying out a new setting on the camera. My focus was on how the camera worked, so the unfortunate thing is that I would need to walk around and work out which tree it actually was. In our area we have a number of common trees, but the bluegum isn’t one of them. Identifying trees is something I have had a go at, but I still don’t know enough to succeed. I can tell you it is a rough barked variety, but I will need to go back to my guides to provide a short list of possibilities. Check back in a day or two. Lisa

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