Swamp Wallaby Drinking

Swamp Wallaby Drinking

Last Summer on a stinking hot day I photographed a Swamp Wallaby drinking out of the dam in the afternoon.  Usually, being nocturnal, we  only see them at dusk or dawn.

Well, another stinking hot day, and another Swamp Wallaby drinking out of the dam in the daylight.  These photographs were taken at around 3:30 pm when the temperature was nearing 40 degrees Celsius.  It is supposed to be that hot for the next three days, so I may see it again tomorrow.

Swamp Wallaby Drinking
Not only is the Swamp Wallaby drinking, but it is also wading right into the water to cool down.
Swamp Wallaby Drinking 2
The light was just right to capture the reflection too.
Swamp Wallaby Drinking 3
After lingering in the water for about ten minutes or so, the Wallaby takes a look around and slowly moves back into the cover of the trees.


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