An Eerie Light

Last week we experienced a heat wave in Victoria, with highest-ever temperatures being recorded in some locations.  The intense heat led to many fires across the entire State, resulting in a smoke-filled atmosphere.  Fanned by strong wind, the smoke drifted for hundreds of kilometers.  For a few hours on Friday afternoon, while it drifted across our place,  the combination of the intense sunlight filtering through smoke haze and cloud resulted in an eerie mauve-orange light that almost turned the landscape to sepia tones.  In this light most things looked sepia, but the tree trunks stood out with strong rich colours and tones.

Eerie Sky 1
The light seems to strip the colour from the leaves of this tree, but the trunk has a warm glow of umber tones
Natural Sepia
This photo almost looks as if it has been processed as a sepia print. However, the light is natural and this photograph is unprocessed. This is exactly as it appeared on the day.
At the darkest point of the smoke haze..
Landscape in Smoke Haze
The haze begins to clear a little, but still stains the landscape sepia.
I love the i rich tones in this branch.
Colour change
Grey and white bark turned yellow and brown by the light.
Smoke Haze
The smoke is visible between the trees in this photo.

8 thoughts on “An Eerie Light

    1. Yes, we do have cooler weather now – for a while at least. Often our high temperatures occur in February, so I’m sure there are more to come. The smoke came from a large fire in a National Park ‘The Grampions” which is quite a long way away from here. The wind happened to be blowing toward us for a few hours and when the wind changed direction, just as quickly as it had appeared, the smoke disappeared. Thanks for your thoughts. Lisa

  1. I love trees and your pictures are terrific. The trees are gorgeous to me even bare of leaves. Hope you are having some cooler weather now. Hugs

    1. Thanks Maggie. The trees do have leaves but there are some bare branches which I am drawn to because of shape or colour – or simply because they allow the sky to show through more clearly. Lisa

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