Milkmaid Flowers

Milkmaids (Burchardia umbellata)

Also called the Star-of-Bethlehem and known to the Indigenous Koorie population as Popoto, the cheerful Milkmaid blooms were present for most of Spring and into early Summer.  We found them mostly in the bushland at the back of our property, but occasionally one or two would pop-up in other areas.

A member of the Liliacea family, or lily, the Milkmaid stands tall and is easily spotted among the many tiny Native Australian flowers.  It can grow to approximately 60 cm in height, with strappy grass-like leaves and slender stems containing somewhere between two and nine flowers. They are not a threatened species.

While we did not have a wet Spring, we received frequent short showers, which would have helped to create the preferred conditions for Milkmaids – to be watered frequently with well draining soil.  Our sandy soil fits that bill very well.  We look forward to seeing them again next year.

Milkmaid Flowers
These plants prefer a lot of water when flowering and well-draining soil.
The size and colour of Milkmaids make them relatively easy to spot among the bush vegetation.
Simply pretty
Compared to many flowers, Milkmaids have a beauty stemming from elegant simplicity .


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