A few days ago I wrote about the sole Corella flying with the Sulphur Crested Cockatoos.  Since then, we’ve had small flocks of Corella landing in our trees.  This is not common.  While the Cockatoos do chew through twigs, sending a bunch of leaves falling to the ground, the Corella are much messier.  They seem to enjoy tossing down leaves whenever they are sitting in the trees. The Cockatoos mostly do it when they expect seed to appear on the bird feeder – it’s more of a time filler or an attention getter for them.

Given the trees are so tall, and tree identification requires examination of bark, leaf, flower and fruit, I welcome the opportunity to see the leaves and flowers up close. (Providing the birds don’t go overboard and strip the trees too much).  This week, one of the Eucalyptus trees near the house  is in flower, and thanks to a parrot (not sure if it was a Corella or a Cockatoo) I had a chance to photograph the leaves, buds and flowers.

Corella like to nibble off clumps of leaves from the trees they rest in.
Messy Ground
Just some of the bunches of gum leaves scattered by the birds.
Eucalyptus Tree in Flower
This Eucalyptus Tree is covered in tiny white flowers.
Leaves, buds and flowers
Thanks to one of the parrots, I had the chance to examine the flowers, buds and leaves.
The buds are a beautiful green,
Eucalyptus Flowers
Thanks to Richard, I was able to take a close-up of the Eucalyptus Flowers with my new Macro lens. Woo hoo!

I’m still working out the species of Eucalyptus.  I had thought it was a Narrow-Leaf Peppermint until I saw the buds and flowers – these don’t match.  Whatever the case, the leaves have a strong, pleasant (and pepperminty) scent.