Trailing Goodenia 2

Trailing Goodenia (Goodenia lanata)

I can’t help wondering why it has taken me so long to post the Trailing Goodenia which is one of the most prolific flowering plants we have here in Spring.  It is one of the first Spring flowers to appear and continues flowering right into early Summer. We also find them in most parts of our fifteen acres, although they do seem to like the transition zones between grassy area and bush.

According to Denise Grieg’s ‘Field Guide to Australian Wildflowers’  there are 390 species of Goodenia, most of which are only found in Australia.  We seem to predominantly have the Trailing Goodenia, although I think I have identified one of my photographs as Black’s Goodenia.  These are less common on our land.


Trailing Goodenia 1
The striking yellow of the flower is both cheerful and hard to miss!
Trailing Goodenia 2
Many of the plants are quite small, with only a few leaves and one flower.
Trailing Goodenia 3
Occasionally a group of plants grow in a clump,


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