Male Blackbird

Common Blackbird

It astounds me how many of the new additions to the Bird Species List have been photographed inside the cat enclosure.  Here is another one!  Although, due to its size, I can’t imagine how it got into the enclosure. Thankfully I noticed it before the cats caught it, and was able to catch and release it back into the wild.

The Common Blackbird was introduced to Australia from Europe, with my field guide noting that it was recorded as already being in Melbourne by 1862.  The species spread into New South Wales and South Australia, and is now quite common in urban areas.

I first photographed a Blackbird when we were constructing the cat enclosure.  The photograph was ordinary, and the bird facing away from the camera, so I resolved to wait for a better photo.  Well, I got one yesterday, but it took that long to see the Blackbird again.  If the species is here on a regular basis, it must be in a spot not easily viewed from the house.

Looking at the plumage and my field guide, I can see that the bird in the cat enclosure was a male.  Male Blackbirds have black plumage, and females have dark brown plumage.

Male Blackbird
Although it is an introduced species, the Common Blackbird is strikingly beautiful.
Stressed from trying to escape the bird is panting hard.
Exhausted Blackbird
I managed to herd the Blackbird into an open area, and used a large fish net to catch it when it landed on the cat netting. The wire look was large enough to encircle the bird without snaring any feathers. It was so tired, it sat still and allowed me to do this without fuss or struggle.

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