Jewell Spider 2

Jewell Spider (Austracantha minax)

I have photographed the Jewell Spider or Six Horned Spider, or Christmas Spider (among other names for this creature) previously, showing the white spots on the upper body. This time I was able to photograph the underside of the spider.  The white and yellow dots indicate this is a female spider.  The male is smaller, and largely brown. with similar red legs to the female..

The first spider I found in the vegetable garden, but the shots below were taken in the bushland part of our property.  The Jewell Spider had strung a web from one bracken leaf to another, right across the path. If I hadn’t been looking down, keeping an eye out for new plants, I might have walked right through it.

One of the first things I researched is whether or not these spiders are dangerous.  Apparently, if they bite, it will hurt locally, but they are not toxic to humans.

Jewell Spider 1
The yellow and while spots show this is a female spider.
Jewell Spider 2
The web across the path is little more than a few strands
Jewell Spider 3
While I’m not so fond of spiders, this one is very beautifully marked and I’m always pleased to see one (provided I haven’t walked into the web)..

8 thoughts on “Jewell Spider (Austracantha minax)

  1. Those are fantastic pictures! I have never seen that kind of spider. Beautiful colors and markings.

    1. Thank you. I’ve recently been given a macro lens, and I was on the lookout for potential subjects to practice my technique. Some of the photos didn’t work so well, but I was very happy with these three! The spider itself is quite small, so it took a while to get the focus right. Lisa

      1. How nice! Enjoy the new lens, I will be looking forward to seeing all the great pictures you get with it. You did great on those spider pictures.

  2. What a gorgeous little gal she is! Nature is truly spectacular! Lisa, I don’t often comment but do enjoy your daily blog from Australia. Hope all goes well and you are taking some time to write poetry. I’m trying!!

    1. Hi Judy, It’s good to know you’re still connected! Yes, I am still writing. At the moment doing an online Lyric Essay course which is fascinating and making me think differently. And yes, as spiders go, she is beautiful! 🙂 Lisa

    1. It’s funny – living here these last eighteen months, and looking at so many species, my fear of spiders has diminished a bit. People have laughed at me for coaxing a huntsman spider (very large but harmless species which walk about but don’t have a web) onto the end of a broomstick so I could put it outside. Previously I would have killed it. I’m not sure I would save every species of spider, but I tolerate the harmless ones much better. Lisa

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