I have photographed the Jewell Spider or Six Horned Spider, or Christmas Spider (among other names for this creature) previously, showing the white spots on the upper body. This time I was able to photograph the underside of the spider.  The white and yellow dots indicate this is a female spider.  The male is smaller, and largely brown. with similar red legs to the female..

The first spider I found in the vegetable garden, but the shots below were taken in the bushland part of our property.  The Jewell Spider had strung a web from one bracken leaf to another, right across the path. If I hadn’t been looking down, keeping an eye out for new plants, I might have walked right through it.

One of the first things I researched is whether or not these spiders are dangerous.  Apparently, if they bite, it will hurt locally, but they are not toxic to humans.

Jewell Spider 1
The yellow and while spots show this is a female spider.
Jewell Spider 2
The web across the path is little more than a few strands
Jewell Spider 3
While I’m not so fond of spiders, this one is very beautifully marked and I’m always pleased to see one (provided I haven’t walked into the web)..