I found these Button Everlasting flowers in October and November.  The plants were growing in transition zones between the grassed areas around the house  and the bush.  One plant was growing IN the lawn.  This makes me wonder if they are naturally occurring or if they have been planted.  The previous owners did plant some native species in the transition zones.  However, the Button Everlasting is native to this region, so potentially they could be naturally occurring.

Whatever the case, with native bluebells growing alongside them, they made quite a show in late Spring and early Summer.

Button Everlasting 1
An opening bud.
Button Everlasting 2
Flowers opening.
Button Everlasting 3
The paper-like petals can be seen in this photo.
Button Everlasting 4
As the flowers mature, the centre darkens.
Button Everlasting 5
This plant was growing in the lawn!
Button Everlasting 6
Too beautiful to mow down, so we let the grass around them grow long.