Green Tomato Jam

Green Tomatoes

Over Summer and early Autumn, we had great success with the tomato plants in the greenhouse.  We’ve eaten tomatoes most nights, given some away, frozen some for use in Winter casseroles and stews… and still there are more!  At the end of the season, we couldn’t believe the number of green tomatoes hanging on the vines.  Luckily, we have quite a few books containing recipes for preserves.  On Easter Monday we also had the time to set aside for preserving.  Here are the results of our efforts.

Green Tomato Jam

This was a new one for both of us, but it looked simple, so we gave it a try.

Green Tomato Jam
Using 500 grams of sliced green tomatoes, half a lemon, sliced, along with sugar and water, preparation was easy.
Green Tomato Jam 2
The mix has to simmer for an hour. The longer it simmers, the darker the colour.


Pickled Green Tomatoes

Meanwhile, as the tomato jam was simmering, we quartered small green tomatoes for pickling.

Pickled Green Tomatoes
Garlic, bay leaves and spices are placed in the bottom of sterilised jars. Then the raw green tomatoes are packed in tightly.
Pickled Green Tomatoes 2
After the jars are topped up with hot pickling liquid (vinegar, water and salt) they are sealed and placed in a bath of water.  Bring the water to a boil, begin start the stop-watch and ensure the jars are removed after ten minutes..



The Green Tomato Jam can be eaten immediately, while the Pickled Green Tomatoes need to sit for a week or two to allow the flavour to develop.

The rewards of a couple of hours in the kitchen: Four jars of Pickled Green Tomatoes and one jar of Green Tomato Jam.


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