A Tiny Face

A Very Tiny New Face

The Eastern Grey Kangaroos were absent over the drier parts of Summer and early Autumn. Now that it has rained and fresh green grass shoots are growing, they are back.  Last year’s joey is growing fast, and now he is almost up to his mother’s shoulder when they both stand up.

We knew the female was carrying another joey, and this morning we saw its face for the first time.  I only had one chance to take a photograph as the male was pursuing the female, and they moved past the house quite quickly.  I’m sure they will be back again very soon (probably tomorrow) so stay tuned for a few more photos.

A Tiny Face
Although tiny, the joey seems to be taking an interest in the world outside the pouch. The male is in front of the female in this photo, trying to stop her from moving away. Not very successfully, as it turned out.


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