Scented Sundew Leaves 1

Scented Sundew Leaves

Scented Sundew flowers began to appear in August, last year.  As is my habit, I photographed them, identified them, and posted the photos on my blog.

Prior to that, I must have walked past hundreds of Scented Sundew plants without even knowing they were there.  Once identified,  never forgotten – well, not easily forgotten anyway.  I instantly recognised the tiny leaves emerging through the soil as Scented Sundew plants today.  As you can see from the second photograph, right now the leaves are smaller than the Small Mosquito Orchid leaves.

It will obviously take another two months or so for the plants to grow to full size, and for the flowers to bloom, but I can see they will be plentiful.  I can’t wait to see the flowers again.


Scented Sundew Leaves 1
I love the vivid drops of sticky liquid, ready to trap insects even at this young age.
Scented Sundew Leaves 2
Look at the gumnuts, and the Small Mosquito Orchid leaves to get an idea of how small these leaves are.


2 thoughts on “Scented Sundew Leaves

    1. Yes, I love them too. I saw a couple of Climbing Sundew’s beginning to grow the other day, but didn’t see one today when I had the camera with me! Lisa

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