I’m calling on my knowledgeable friends here.  Thanks to some extremely helpful advice from Mary McAvoy (see her blog here)  I was able to photograph this tiny orchid reasonably clearly.  I’m not sure, but I think it may be a Helmet Orchid.  Can anyone verify this?

The leaves are the same size as the Small Mosquito Orchid, but seem to be a different colour, and have a swirled appearance which is different to the heart shape of the Small Mosquito Orchid leaves.

From what I can see, the flower bud seems to have the shiny purplish surface on the back of the labellum, but as it has not fully emerged yet, it is difficult to tell the final appearance of the flower.  I’m trying to match this against photographs online and in books, but so far, I can’t see a leaf resembling this one, so I’m really not sure what it may be.

If you can help, please leave a comment below.  I’d really appreciate it.


Bud 01
When I was taking the photograph, the bud was too small to see clearly. it looked like a speck of colour.
Bud 02
There is a patch of these plants in a distinct location separated from the Small Mosquito Orchids, which are growing in many different zones.