A Better Look at the Red-browed Finches

Much to my surprise, the Red-browed Finches were back at the bird feeder today, and they allowed me to walk toward them with the camera without getting too frightened.   Knowing it was best not to push my luck too far, I managed to capture a few photographs which show off their beautiful plumage.  The Crimson Rosella eating seeds shows their relative size as well.

The bright red feathers certainly are eye-catching, even with an adult Crimson Rosella close by.
This photograph shows the dull olive-green, grey and fawn coloured feathers on the body.
I did take one more step… but I was caught out. If I’d moved any closer, I’m sure they would have flown away,
Olive, Red and black feathers are shown off in this ‘in flight’ shot.

6 thoughts on “A Better Look at the Red-browed Finches

  1. Interesting coloration in those little finches, I guess they’d be fairly hard to spot in vegetation? The rosella sure looks so flamboyant – bet there’s volume in his chat?

    1. I find all of the little birds hard to spot – they seem to have the skill of hiding right in front of my eyes. Often I can hear them, and pinpoint where the sound is coming from, but do you think I can see them? No! 🙂 Also, when I do see them, they never sit in one spot for long. Always darting around. I have lots of photos which don’t show a bird, when I was attempting to photograph one! However, when I finally do manage to capture one in a photograph, it feels so very good. The Crimson Rosella isn’t as loud as you might think. They tend to chatter like Budgerigars, and also have a melodious bell-like call. Even their alarm call is more like a very loud ‘cheep’ than a raucous screech as the cockatoos do. Thanks for your comments. Lisa

      1. Good day Lisa, fascinating information. Isn’t camouflage behaviour an intriguing subject. I’m surprised to learn that the Rosellas are more discreet of voice having such ‘loud’ colours. I so enjoy your posts and the discoveries of nature in your patch. Liz.

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