It’s exciting to see the new season orchids beginning to bud.  Here are some that I’ve found this week.

Now that I know what I’m looking for, I see Helmet Orchid leaves and buds all around the walking track. Still nothing in flower, but I keep checking!
I’m not completely sure of this one, but I think it may be a Midge Orchid. If anyone can confirm or correct me, I’d appreciate it.
The Gnat Orchids are not growing everywhere, but we have a couple of patches where they are plentiful. The purple buds are beginning to lift on new stems.
This bud is a little more advanced – it won’t be long before they are flowering!
The Mayfly Orchid flowers are spectacular, and I have improved my photographic techniques a great deal since they last flowered. I hope to get some good shots of these in the coming weeks.