Here Come the Helmet Orchids

We are finally seeing some Helmet Orchid buds.  Most of them are still very tiny, but there are a few that are taking on some colour, and beginning to swell.   If I look back at last year’s photographs I see that the fully open flowers appeared at the end of July, so hopefully in … Continue reading Here Come the Helmet Orchids

Fully Open Helmet Orchids at last!

For those who are on the journey with me, here are some photographs of fully opened Helmet Orchids.  I’m not completely sure, but I think I may have photographed two different species of Helmet Orchid.  We certainly have the Slaty Helmet Orchid (Corybas incurvus) and looking at distinctions of colour, shape and curve,  I think we … Continue reading Fully Open Helmet Orchids at last!

Unfurling Helmet Orchid Flowers

As the Helmet Orchid buds swell, it is difficult to tell if they are flowering simply by looking at them.  The only way I can work this out  is to photograph them and look at the photos on the computer.  In the process,  I have captured the way the flowers open, which I’ve found utterly … Continue reading Unfurling Helmet Orchid Flowers

Slaty Helmet Orchid Bud (Corybas incurvus)?

I’ve placed a question mark in the title of this post because the bud is so small and it may prove to be something else.   However, from a little bit of research, I’m fairly confident that I’ve finally found a Helmet Orchid!  Looking at other photos on the Internet, I think I have enough information … Continue reading Slaty Helmet Orchid Bud (Corybas incurvus)?

Is this a Helmet Orchid Bud?

I’m calling on my knowledgeable friends here.  Thanks to some extremely helpful advice from Mary McAvoy (see her blog here)  I was able to photograph this tiny orchid reasonably clearly.  I’m not sure, but I think it may be a Helmet Orchid.  Can anyone verify this? The leaves are the same size as the Small … Continue reading Is this a Helmet Orchid Bud?