In the last week I’ve noticed  evidence of something nesting in a relatively low to the ground hollow – approximately 6 feet off the ground.   The hollow seems to have recently been refurbished with carefully shredded pieces of bark and small sticks.  I’m not sure how long this has been occurring, so I will make this one of my regular stops to see what is happening.  There were no obvious signs of an animal, bird or reptile being in there.  However, I didn’t go poking around in it, so there could have been something quietly hiding inside, underneath or behind the nesting material. I’m not tall enough to see right to the back.

If you have any idea which species might find this a cozy home, I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Last year we had a quick look in the hollow, and there appeared to be two soft reptile eggshells in there, so could it be a lizard of some description?  Do they build nests?  Perhaps it is something that feeds on reptile eggs? Or maybe the egg shells were there to line the nest…   I have no idea.

The hollow is at least 30 cm in diameter – probably bigger.

This hollow is about six feet off the ground. It seems too low to be a birds nest, but it has been refurbished with nesting materials.
Carefully shredded bark and twigs have been brought in to the hollow. While not woven, they seem to be arranged.