Common Beard-heath (Leucopogon virgatus)

Last year, I tried to show the tiny flower of the Common Beard-heath, photographing it against a ruler, so it was possible to see just how small.  Unfortunately, the lens I had at the time was not powerful enough to show the intricate detail of the flower and buds.  I’m happy to report that the Macro lens has vastly improved the resulting shots.  While there is still room for improvement, I can now show you the reason the beard-heath was named.  Fluffy petals!


Common Beard-heath showing leaf, bud and flower.
Viewed up close, the flower looks like a fluffy star.
The centre of the flower, including stamens, are clearer in this Macro shot.
The delicate buds show softly coloured in the photograph, but they can appear much pinker. I also have seem greenish buds opening into flowers.
Last year’s photograph showing just how small these flowers actually are.

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