I found this Tall Greenhood yesterday when I decided to veer off the walking path and investigate a track created by animals.  This track just led from the walking path to the boundary fence, and was the way on and off our property for wallabies and kangaroos.  Nearby was a healthy population of Maroonhoods, which made me very happy!

A Tall Greenhood looks quite different from the smaller species of Greenhoods I have found here.  In addition to its height, the long pointed leaves and numerous flower heads make it quite distinctive.  Growing under bracken, this one was approximately 70 cm high and had six flowers, with more buds forming.  According to D.L. Jones, the plant can grow to 90 cm in height with up to fifteen flowers on the single stem.   Jones describes the flowers as having a green and white Galea with brown tips.  A distinguishing characteristic of the Tall Greenhood is the shape of the Labellum and the way it is exposed.  Apparently it is a solitary species, so if I look hard enough, I may find more.

Leafing through Jones’ section on Greenhoods,  I have a growing list of plants which potentially may be in flower in our region right now, so I think I’ll be following a few more animal tracks to see if I can find some of them.

The two flowers in the centre of this photograph show the identifying characteristics of the Tall Greenhood flower, Note the brown tips on the galea and lateral sepals, and the large exposed labellum with upturned top.