I’ve posted a few photographs of the Climbing Sundew plant, including macro images of the amazing pod-like leaves, with their red, sticky hairs poised to capture insects.  This week, the flowers have emerged.  The swollen, hairy buds almost look like Poppy buds.  The flower itself looks similar to the Scented Sundew flower, with the surprising addition of a fluffy or bearded centre.

As its name suggests, the Climbing Sundew twines around taller plants. When I see the tendrils of a  Climbing Sundew tightly twined around the stem of a bracken frond, I can’t resist photographing it. The combination of the russet-brown, bright green and wet red hairs is interesting even when the plant is not in flower. When it is – wow!  This plant is one of my favourites.

Climbing Sundews can grow quite tall – I’ve seen some plants that are 40 to 50 cm high – with the flower often peeking through the leaves of the support plant.  Often the support plant is bracken, but it also can use  rough tree bark as a support too.

Enjoy the photographs.

This flower is newly open and has not yet flattened out.
The yellow-tipped stamens protrude from the white fluffy centre of the flower.
Poppy-like buds hang beneath the fully opened flower.
This colour combination attracts me, but it is difficult to get everything in focus…
While other plants are in flower, this Climbing Sundew is just emerging from the ground, so we have more flowers to look forward to later on in the year.
I love the way the white flower almost seems to float over the bracken.