Our Eastern Grey Kangaroos are Back

My last post on the Kangaroos was in June, when it looked like the young joey was going to emerge from the pouch for the first time.  However, from that moment, the kangaroos kept their distance from the house.  Then, late in July they left the property.  One morning, a different mob of five kangaroos arrived, but they only stayed for one day.   At the time, I was not sure if the kangaroos were  being challenged over their territory, or if the female kangaroo moved to a more remote location to protect the joey on its first few weeks venturing out of the pouch.  This prompted me to check what happened last year, when the first joey arrived.

Looking back over last year’s photographs, it seems the kangaroos were away for about six weeks, at the same time of year.  It was also at the point where the joey was beginning to emerge from the pouch.  Obviously there is a natural cycle occurring at this time of the year, but I can’t say for certain what that is.  I like to think that the female is protecting her joey, but that is projecting my human emotion onto the ‘roos behaviour.

This week, the original family returned.  I’ve seen the youngest joey out of the pouch and racing around like a mad thing, but it was on the opposite side of the dam. Unfortunately my lens isn’t good enough to get a good shot of it from that distance.  However, tonight when I was returning to the house after photographing the Mayfly Orchids, I came across mother and joey, quietly grazing in the transition zone between the house and the bush part of our land.

The older joey, or ‘Junior’ as we have dubbed him, did return with his mother, but I couldn’t see him tonight. Maybe he was simply hidden behind a tree.  With a bit of luck, they will come right up to the house again, and I will be able to photograph the three of them for a future post.

Our family of kangaroos returned this week after an absence of four or five weeks. The joey has been out of the pouch, feeding on the grass, but still spends a lot of time snugly peeking out at the world from the pouch. It seems like such a heavy load for the female to carry, but she seems to do it with ease.

3 thoughts on “Our Eastern Grey Kangaroos are Back

  1. The photos are a great way to help you see the patterns in nature over a longer period, it would be wonderful if you were able to find out where they go for their little “winter break”.

    1. Yes – once I’d looked through last year’s photos, I immediately stopped worrying about them (there is a busy road right out front of our place). Behind us (three or four properties down) there is a large reserve, mostly bush, so my guess is they go there, but I don’t really know if they do. Perhaps a property in between us and the reserve has good grass at this time of the year? Anyway, it is good to see them back. However, I notice they are staying well away from the house. As the weather warms up and the grass turns brown in other places, the green grass growing over the outlet of the septic tank always draws them back in. 🙂

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