Some Australian Terrestrial Orchids grow in colonies, and this year we are fortunate to have a couple of reasonably good-sized ones.

This is one of three good sized colonies of Blunt Greenhoods we have had growing in August and September.
Across the property we have many colonies of Nodding Greenhoods, with this one being the largest. I need to learn more about Nodding Greenhoods as each colony seems to have different sized plants… maybe there are sub-species?

After photographing the solitary Waxlip Orchid the other day, I thought I would try to find more Waxlip Orchids yesterday, but only found two more.  Last year we had so many of these.   I never did get around to posting photographs of groups of flowers on the blog last year, so with the theme being colonies, here is a flash-back to last Spring.  Much of the back part of our property looked like this in Spring 2013.   I’m hoping that the rest of the Waxlips  are just slow to emerge this year, and that I can update this post with photos taken in the next few weeks.

bush-floor-covered-with native-plants-including-purple-waxlip-orchids
This photograph was taken on 23 September 2013. At the moment there are no Waxlips growing in this area at all in 2014. I hope they are just late emerging.