Milkmaids are plentiful at the moment

I thought I would share  this photograph of Milkmaid flowers, which I took today while photographing the Sun Orchids. Milkmaids already appear on the species list, but the Macro lens allows me to take a much clearer photograph than the previous one.

It will take me a day or two to work out the different species of Sun Orchids.  I think I have at least four, perhaps as many as six.  Pink Fingers are also flowering now, as is Tea Tree and Pea flowers.  All of these plants have a number of local species, so the field guides will get a workout this week, I think!  Given my quest to distinguish between species of Pea, Sun Orchid and Tea Tree,  I plan to add a new Native Flowers post each day for the next week, and with a bit of luck, they may all be new additions to the Species List.