Rabbit Ears (Thelymitra antennifera)

A species of Sun Orchid, the Rabbit Ears Orchid was once referred to as the Vanilla Orchid or the Lemon Orchid. These names now apply to different species of orchids.The tiny white flowers beneath the Rabbit Ears orchid are Common Beard-heath.  The large white flowers behind the Rabbit Ears orchid are tea tree flowers.

I haven’t had time to identify any further Sun Orchids species I photographed over the past week, but as I already know Rabbit Ears, and it is a Sun Orchid, I thought I would share a photograph of one.  I took this photograph on 19 October with a Macro lens.

Rabbit Ears orchids are named for the two brown ‘antennae’ which resemble the ears of a rabbit. A longer post appears on the A – Z Species list.

Over the past month or so I have noticed only five Rabbit Ears orchids, so while they are here, they aren’t plentiful.  Recalling last year’s blooms, I think they lasted a lot longer than the ones I saw this year.  I’m not sure if this has to do with the drier weather, or if it has something to do with a Swamp Wallaby I have surprised in the vicinity of the flowers more than once.  With a bit of luck the flowers were able to produce seed before they were eaten.

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