Duckling Update: There Are Still Eight Ducklings

The eight ducklings survive another day after the fox scare.

After the fox sighting, I was worried when I could count only six heads last night, but two ducklings must have been hiding in the grass.  There are still eight of them this morning.  A proud Dad was following his brood as they raced ahead of him.  He seemed content to let the ducklings set the pace and the direction.  As a consequence they have passed by my window three times already.  Moving along like a lawn mower, the ducks wander back and forth in front of the house, always in a slightly different path.

Four of the ducklings moved ahead of the others in ‘lawn mower’ mode.


For such little legs they move very fast.  I looked down to change a camera setting and by the time I looked up they were already aligned with the next room in the house – so I found myself following them back and forth to get some photographs.

With the loss of the female duck, the lone male parent seems to be very diligent in his duties. He’s also beautiful to look at – here he is with some of his brood.

As I took these photographs through the window, the male duck kept a close eye on me. He is so beautiful.


I realise the fox is likely to be hanging around somewhere, but I’m thankful the ducklings survived another day.

4 thoughts on “Duckling Update: There Are Still Eight Ducklings

    1. Yes, he is very focused on his task. Seeing him walk behind the ducklings reminds me that the female used to walk at the front. I guess he can see more from the back, but I wonder if he will take to leading them at some point?. Thanks for commenting Margaret. Lisa

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