I was so focused on the ducks this morning that I wasn’t even looking for marsupials –  kangaroos or wallabies.  Then something fast-moving and small caught my attention.  The camera was already out and active taking photographs of ducklings, so for once I was prepared for a spontaneous joey run!  Yes, for those who have been following the movements of the kangaroo mobs, I think it is our original female and her youngest joey.  ‘Junior’  has not returned with her. As he was at the age to become independent, I guess he has done that.

The reference to Wallabies is due to an appearance of a male and female Swamp Wallaby (she was carrying a joey) a few days ago.     It’s unusual to see two Wallabies together – they are usually solitary creatures.  While the Wallaby photos are not as clear as the kangaroo photos, I thought the grouping of two young joeys was appropriate. Especially after the drowning of a female Swamp Wallabyy earlier in the year.

Enjoy the gallery!