male-Australian-Wood-Duck with-eight-ducklings

Ducklings: Still Eight, and Growing Fast

male-Australian-Wood-Duck with-eight-ducklings
The male Australian Wood Duck keeps guard over the eight ducklings.

Since the loss of the female Australian Wood Duck, we’ve been hoping the male can successfully rear eight ducklings on his own.  Ten days later, the eight ducklings are still alive and seem to be growing fast.

The family of ducks seem to live just over our boundary fence, and come in to graze or swim  occasionally.  Last year, the duck family was here most of the time, returning to the other side of the fence at the end of the day to roost.  This year, visits to our place are fleeting, and often very hurried affairs. Quick march, down to the dam, stop for 30 seconds to eat, then keep marching.  I’ve seen the male duck racing his brood across the lawn so fast the ducklings had to run to keep up with him.  It’s surprising how quickly they can move!


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