This female is new to us. She arrived with a young make to join our frequently visiting female and joey.  I couldn’t help noticing how much paler her fur is compared with  the other Eastern Grey Kangaroos.

Recently, we’ve had four Eastern Grey Kangaroos grazing near the house – our usual female and her joey, a young male and a new female.  All four have slightly differently coloured fur. The new female is especially pale.  I haven’t seen another Eastern Grey this  pale, so I thought it would be interesting to introduce her to you and show you all four kangaroos together.  You can compare the various shades yourself!

Through observation, I think the fur  of an individual kangaroo can be lighter or darker, according to the seasons, but there is quite a bit of difference within the species.  Some kangaroos are dark grey, others light grey,  some have a mix of grey and brown, while others can be quite a dark brown. Here is a photo of the four Eastern Grey’s together earlier in the week.

The variation in fur tone and colour can be seen here. Unfortunately the new water feature managed to sneak into the photos.

Our regular female and her joey have a fair bit of brown tones mixed with grey.  It is also interesting to compare the colour of the adult male in this photograph with the dominant male in the group of five kangaroos which had previously visited. He was almost a chocolate brown.

male-and female-eastern-grey-kangaroo
The new, rather young, male with the new female.
The adult female, on the right, is more grey than brown. Her joey, approximately 14 months old, is more brown than grey.