possibly-the-green-form-of parsons-bands-orchid

Parsons Bands Orchid – possibly a green form?

possibly-the-green-form-of parsons-bands-orchid
If you’re an Orchid enthusiast I would appreciate some feedback on whether this is the green form of the Parsons Bands orchid..

We have quite a few Parsons Bands Orchids in flower at the moment, but this one stands out through the lack of pink or red.  Potentially it is a green form, as referenced on the Retired Aussies  website.  I have not found reference to this colour anywhere else.  So, if you have knowledge of this variation, I am keen to hear from you.

When I took this photograph I was photographing a number of other plants.  I only noticed the difference after I loaded it onto the computer.  This means I have no idea where to search to find it again.  However, I will be on the lookout for another one.   The Retired Aussies website suggests it is rare, but it does not appear on the list of rare plants I have from DEPI.  My questions are:

1.  Is this a subspecies of Eriochilus cucullatus?

2. Is the colour variation specific to a geographic area?

3. It is obviously unusual, but is it a rare plant?


13 thoughts on “Parsons Bands Orchid – possibly a green form?

  1. Oh, how pretty. I’ve never actually seen this variation myself but it looks like you have an albino variation of Eriochilus cucullatus. It is still the same species. They aren’t as common as the full coloured plants but a few pop up now and then.

    1. Thanks Helen, that’s good information. Is there actually a ‘green form’ as indicated by Retired Aussies, or is that their name for the albino form? Yes, it is beautiful. I wish I knew where it was as I would like to photograph it when it was fully open. 🙂 Lisa

  2. Pity your camera doesn’t have the GPS function, having said that though mine is always switched off. I think if I had orchids like you do though I’d be leaving it on. That one is a little beauty.

    1. Yes, there are some camera functions it would be nice to update… mine doesn’t have GPS. I’ve often thought about getting a pocket device I can record things, but I think I would be like you, finding things when I didn’t have it with me or it was switched off. 🙂

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