Common-Bronzewing-Pigeon-and-Sulphur-Crested-Cockatoo-showing-underside-of wings
A Common Bronzewing Pigeon raises its wings to block the Sulphur Crested Cockatoos.

With wings raised, it seemed to be a case of “I’m bigger than you!” and “Oh no, you’re not!” on the bird feeder this week.   We have seen more Cockatoos than usual.  They squabble among themselves for best position, squeezing out the regular feeders, such as this Common Bronzewing Pigeon.  The Pigeon decided to muscle in on two feeding Cockatoos, walking around with two raised wings and a puffed out chest to create space for itself.  One of the Cockatoos decided to open its wings in response.

I think both species of birds have beautiful colour beneath the wings. It’s quite clear how the Bronzewing Pigeon got its name..