Inspired by the Ballarat Field Naturalists

The Nodding Greenhoods are well and emerging on our property now.

A surprise invitation to accompany the Ballarat Field Naturalists on an orchid seeking  field trip arrived in my inbox on Saturday.  With a little rearranging, I was able to take up the offer, so on a beautifully sunny winter Sunday we set off to some local bushland.  Thanks to John for inviting me and to Emily for leading the excursion.  It was a wonderful day of orchids, fungi,  beard-heath, sundews, along with other local plants.   Among the orchids Emily had located were the Striated Greenhood and the Trim Greenhood – neither of which I have found here.

Inspired by the excursion, I decided to go out today, looking to see if any of our orchids were flowering. On Sunday, Emily found Helmet Orchids flowering, but ours are only just leaves at the moment.   I was delighted to find that the Nodding Greenhood is unfurling all over the place right now.   We also have healthy patches of leaves all over the place, full of the promise to come.

In the coming weeks I will post the different species I find on our property.  Hopefully I can find a few new ones this year.  Fingers crossed!

In the meantime, I would like to thank the Ballarat Field Naturalists for a delightful day.



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