Inspired by the Ballarat Field Naturalists

A surprise invitation to accompany the Ballarat Field Naturalists on an orchid seeking  field trip arrived in my inbox on Saturday.  With a little rearranging, I was able to take up the offer, so on a beautifully sunny winter Sunday we set off to some local bushland.  Thanks to John for inviting me and to … Continue reading Inspired by the Ballarat Field Naturalists

Beginning to Emerge: Nodding Greenhoods

I can’t claim these are the first Nodding Greenhoods to appear this season – I saw others a few days ago which seem to have been eaten before I photographed them. I hope the Swamp Wallabies enjoyed the meal.   Nevertheless, it is fantastic to see the graceful flower heads rising up from the earth … Continue reading Beginning to Emerge: Nodding Greenhoods

Nodding Greenhoods Are Emerging

It’s fantastic to see the Nodding Greenhoods emerging again. This was the first species of Australian Native Orchid I had ever seen.   When we first moved in they were flowering, in large patches right across our property. Hopefully they will do the same this year, but so far we have a few scattered along … Continue reading Nodding Greenhoods Are Emerging