There are so many small round leaves with tiny buds on them at the moment. This Helmet Orchid bud is more advanced than most of the others.

We are finally seeing some Helmet Orchid buds.  Most of them are still very tiny, but there are a few that are taking on some colour, and beginning to swell.   If I look back at last year’s photographs I see that the fully open flowers appeared at the end of July, so hopefully in a week or so I will have some photographs for you.

Checking last year’s photographs also made me realise I have only added the Slaty Helmet Orchid to the A-Z Species list.   I think I have two more species to add, so those posts will follow in the next couple of days.

My next task is to refresh my memory by researching leaf shapes and the subtle differences between similar species.  Hopefully I can spot something different this year!