Trim Greenhood (Pterostylis concinna)?

Possibly a Trim Greenhood – note the notched V shape of the labellum

Yesterday’s discovery of a potential hybrid species of Greenhood made me look into my ‘unidentified’ photographs to see what else was there – and I think I may have found a Trim Greenhood.  The photograph was taken a couple of years ago.  Among the identifying features of the Trim Greenhood are:  a dark brown ‘v’ shaped labellum, visible through the lateral sepals which are fused at the base and pointed upwards. The flower is said to be dark green and white with brown colouring.

Comparing it to the photographs on ‘Retired Aussies’ orchid page, the only thing which makes me doubt the identification is that the orchid I have photographed does not have a longer, more curved point at the apex of the hood.  Here is the link for you to compare.  If you are an Australian Terrestrial Orchid enthusiast, I would welcome your views on this.  If I am wrong, I am happy to be corrected.   I won’t add this species to my A-Z Species List until it is confirmed.

A similar species is the Maroonhood.  I don’t think it is a Maroonhood as they have round tipped labellum and a bit more  brown or red than the Trim Greenhood.  For comparison, here is a photograph of a Maroonhood.


Maroonhood with dark-red-brown colouring on the hood and on the lateral sepals.

Let me know what you think!

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