Trim Greenhood (Pterostylis concinna)?

Yesterday’s discovery of a potential hybrid species of Greenhood made me look into my ‘unidentified’ photographs to see what else was there – and I think I may have found a Trim Greenhood.  The photograph was taken a couple of years ago.  Among the identifying features of the Trim Greenhood are:  a dark brown ‘v’ … Continue reading Trim Greenhood (Pterostylis concinna)?

Calling Orchid Enthusiasts: Help Please!

In an earlier post I reported that I had found one solitary Maroonhood Orchid.  Since then, I’ve discovered three small colonies.   However, I’m unsure if one of these colonies is the same species, or a sub-species.  Can anyone help me to correctly identify it from the photographs below?  I have spent quite a bit of time … Continue reading Calling Orchid Enthusiasts: Help Please!

Maroonhood (Pterostylis pedunculata)

It felt like a Spring day today, even though it is still Winter in Australia.  The sun was shining, the air was still, and all around me I could hear the calls of a myriad bird species.  Knowing I could probably have taken some good bird photographs if I had changed lenses, I stuck to … Continue reading Maroonhood (Pterostylis pedunculata)