The colours and textures in this patch of moss are just beautiful…. Oh, and there is an emerging Greenhood too!

While our rainfall is low this year, there have been enough showers to keep the moss green and the orchids emerging.  While I am out photographing Helmet Orchids, Nodding Greenhoods, Blunt Greenhoods  and other tiny plants, I am repeatedly struck by the beauty of some of the moss we have growing here.  It’s deep and lush to the extent that some of the Helmet Orchid flowers are almost engulfed by it.  In the photograph featured above, my eye is drawn more to the moss than the Greenhood. I don’t know much about moss, so the photographs that follow don’t include species names.  I just think they are beautiful.

Tiny stems with seed heads seem to be emerging from the moss alongside this Blunt Greenhood
Helmet Orchid leaves have to fight to get to the surface of the moss, it is so deep.
I’m not sure if this is a moss or not – it could be a very tiny flowering plant.
This moss seems to have fluffy flowers or seed heads.