White-Eared Honeyeater Hunting

For once, the White-Eared Honeyeater didn’t seem to be phased that I was watching it.

Some days, I’m fortunate to come across an unfazed honeyeater just going about its business of collecting food, like this White-Eared Honeyeater.  I stood and watched for several minutes before I took photographs.  These birds seem very shy, and I was certain if I moved, it would fly off.  Obviously searching for insects and other tasty morsels beneath the bark, the bird encircled the trunk of this tree several times, pecking two or three times in a spot, then moving to the next flap of loose bark. When I finally did raise my camera, I was able to take four photos before it moved away.

Aside from the Honeyeater, I love the colours of the sky and the bark in these photographs.

This shot gives a better view of the way the Honeyeater searches beneath the bark.

Let me know what you think!

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