For Those Who Sew!

Many of my friends and family are keen quilters, or sew clothing or items such as throw pillows and tote bags.  At some point I noticed that most of the flowers on the floral fabrics were exotics, and I wondered if I could create fabric designs featuring our local wildflowers.   The result is my first collection of fabric designs, featured here on Spoonflower.

I’m really enjoying the process of working out which flowers lend themselves to patterns and researching as much as I can find on pattern design.  So far I have seven bushland inspired fabrics for sale, with more in the pipeline.  I’m at a point where I am looking for feedback, so if you sew or have experience in design, I would really love to know if these designs work for you.  Also, which flowers you would like to see featured in a fabric design.

I’ve set up another blog to track my progress with fabric design, and other ways of featuring nature on items.  If you are interested in following this journey, please take a look at Musing Meanders.

I have my first collection of fabric for sale, with designs inspired by the Central Victorian bushland.


Let me know what you think!

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