Hot Bats

On Wednesday, we had a fairly warm day which must have heated the space behind the fascia board on the deck, where there is a small bat colony.  All of the bats were clambering over each other to get out of their den and into a place where they could cool down. Some bats chose … Continue reading Hot Bats

Cats, Bats and Beds at 3am

Hearing an unusual noise at 3am last night, we turned on the light to see that one of our cats had caught a bat, and was in the process of dragging it under the bed.  In our half-asleep state, we noticed a second bat laying on the carpet.  We’re not sure how one cat managed … Continue reading Cats, Bats and Beds at 3am

Is Anyone An Expert on Victorian Bats?

For a while now, we have been noticing squeaks coming from within a boxed in gap in the fascia board surrounding the back deck.  We’ve suspected there may be a few bats living in this gap and over the last two weeks we have been trying to monitor their habits.  Right on the point of … Continue reading Is Anyone An Expert on Victorian Bats?