A Gallery of Spring Flowers

With the warmer weather, Spring flowers are beginning to pop up everywhere. This gallery of photographs contains native species which are already included on the A -Z Species List through previous posts. All of the photographs below were  taken over the last two weeks. .    

Mind Shifting Moments 2: Art

Photography has always called me, but until we moved here, I really had no time to learn any photographic skills.  I would simply take snapshots, usually of family, friends and pets. The first photographs I took on this property were snapshots too.  A quick, unthinking capture of  a bird or plant for identification.  Sometimes I … Continue reading Mind Shifting Moments 2: Art

A Gallery of Favourite Shots 1: Birds

As a companion piece for the “Mind Shifting Moments” series, I will also compile some galleries of my favourite photographs from the last two years.   My A – Z Species list Birds page currently has links to 38 different species of birds I’ve photographed on our property.  In reality there are more as I have … Continue reading A Gallery of Favourite Shots 1: Birds