A Gallery of Favourite Shots 1: Birds

As a companion piece for the “Mind Shifting Moments” series, I will also compile some galleries of my favourite photographs from the last two years.   My A – Z Species list Birds page currently has links to 38 different species of birds I’ve photographed on our property.  In reality there are more as I have not sorted out the different species of cormorant, and there are a few other stray photos yet to make it to the blog.

In this gallery, I’ve compiled some of my favourite bird photographs from among that list.   Let me know which birds you enjoy viewing – I’d like to know.


9 thoughts on “A Gallery of Favourite Shots 1: Birds

  1. Impossible to pick a favorite! They are each wonderful photos and so striking to me as I’ve never seen one of them! Thanks so much for sharing this array. Wonderful!

    1. Thanks Mary. I must admit it was difficult choosing which photos to include in this gallery. The original posts can still be found via links in the A – Z species list, and most have additional photos taken on the day. If there is a part 2 to this it will include the Spotted Pardalote, both species of Currawong, Galahs, more Corella, the huge flock of Raven and more Australian Wood Ducks – for starters! 🙂 I do love the birds! 🙂 Lisa

  2. The cormorant drying its wings is a Little Black Cormorant. The Great Cormorant is larger and has yellow facial skin. I think the black and white cormorant is probably a young Little Pied Cormorant as it has a yellow bill and is about the same size at the White-faced Heron. Pied Cormorants are much larger and uncommon around Ballarat. Enjoyed the photos. John

    1. Ah! Thanks John. I think I have a photo of a Great Cormorant that I have not yet posted on the blog. We very rarely see black cormorants of any description. Usually it is the Little Pied Cormorant (thanks for the ID). I may make my next post about Cormorants and post the photos I’m not sure about. Lisa

  3. Great captures. I like the closeup of “Cheeky”. Is the bird trying to check out the cat enclosure a Grey Shrike Thrush? I’ve seen them around here but not been able to get a good photo.

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