Long-Billed Corella Flocks

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about a single Long-Billed Corella which is often seen with a small flock of Sulphur-Crested Cockatoos.  I wrote that the flock of Corella we see fly over us twice each day NEVER stops here.   Almost as soon as I published that post we have been visited by … Continue reading Long-Billed Corella Flocks

Just one of the flock: A confused Corella

We’ve noticed a single Corella flying and eating with a flock of Cockatoos.  Not once, but over an extended time period.  Does it think it is a Cockatoo or has it decided that they have a better lifestyle than the flock of Corellas that flies over the property twice a day?  It doesn’t even seem … Continue reading Just one of the flock: A confused Corella

The Colour of Long-Billed Corella

Every single day we have a large flock of Long-Billed Corella fly South over our land  shortly after Sunrise, and return Northward just before Sunset.  We don’t know where they come from, or where they go to each day. It is one of nature’s mysteries.  Rarely do they land here.  If they do, it is … Continue reading The Colour of Long-Billed Corella

Long Billed Corella

Occasionally we have heard Corellas calling to each other as they fly overhead and once we saw a pair on a tree over out back fence, but until today, we had not actually seen one on our land.  Today we had two Corella  outside our study window, with three Galahs and a Crimson Rosella for … Continue reading Long Billed Corella