Nodding Greenhoods

Nodding Greenhoods Are Emerging

It’s fantastic to see the Nodding Greenhoods emerging again. This was the first species of Australian Native Orchid I had ever seen.   When we first moved in they were flowering, in large patches right across our property.

Hopefully they will do the same this year, but so far we have a few scattered along the front fence, a few more along the walking track and others scattered among the trees in the grassy clearing that the kangaroos love to frequent.  I’m hoping they don’t get eaten.

Last winter, the Nodding Greenhoods appeared to have flowers on long graceful stems. The current crop is on very short stems. I’m not sure if this is meaningful or if the stems continue to grow as the flowering season goes on. I guess I will find out.

The botanical name for Nodding Greenhoods is Pterostylis nutans R. Br.


Nodding Greenhoods
A welcome sight! Nodding Greenhoods growing along the walking track in our bushland.
Nodding Greenhoods
These Nodding Greenhoods were growing almost in the middle of the track.
Nodding Greenhoods
The flowers have not fully emerged on this plant.
Nodding Greenhoods
I took the mini camera stand with me, and was able to get a shot of the flower from a more revealing angle.
Nodding Greenhoods
This group of Nodding Greenhoods is at the junction of two paths.

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