Rambling Around: An Echidna Encounter

I know we have Echidnas on our property, for I often find holes they have dug around ants nests or tasty plant roots.  Usually, it’s easy to tell if an Echidna has dug the hole because of the tell-tale impressions their pointy noses leave at the bottom of the hole.  I’ve come across these fascinating … Continue reading Rambling Around: An Echidna Encounter

An Echidna Sighting at Last!

For more than a year I have been finding holes dug by Echidnas – usually around ant nests and plant roots – without having even the smallest glimpse of an Echidna.  There was a moment, about a month ago, where someone thought they saw one.  By the time I got my camera out and we … Continue reading An Echidna Sighting at Last!