A Resilient Echidna

Last year I photographed this Echidna hiding under a log. It was dug firmly into the ground and I had no intentions of disturbing it.  As you can see, the spines on its back are badly damaged, as is the fur.  We have had bushfires in our area, so perhaps it survived a fire, or … Continue reading A Resilient Echidna

Rambling Around: An Echidna Encounter

I know we have Echidnas on our property, for I often find holes they have dug around ants nests or tasty plant roots.  Usually, it’s easy to tell if an Echidna has dug the hole because of the tell-tale impressions their pointy noses leave at the bottom of the hole.  I’ve come across these fascinating … Continue reading Rambling Around: An Echidna Encounter

An Echidna Sighting at Last!

For more than a year I have been finding holes dug by Echidnas – usually around ant nests and plant roots – without having even the smallest glimpse of an Echidna.  There was a moment, about a month ago, where someone thought they saw one.  By the time I got my camera out and we … Continue reading An Echidna Sighting at Last!