A  pair of Eastern Spinebills, also nectar feeders,  can squeeze through the lattice fence into the fernery.   Thankfully, this pair seems to have mastered the process of getting out of the cat enclosure as well as  breaking into it. The cats don’t seem to have noticed their presence, which is a huge relief!   The birds come through the lattice high up on the fence, and fly straight to the tallest flower bloom.  They do this reasonably quietly, and if we sit down, they don’t mind us watching them while we talk and sip our drinks.

Pizzey and Knight’s  ‘Field Guide to the Birds of Australia‘ shows that the female has similar markings to the male, with the exception that the female has a grey crown while the male has a black crown.  Golden specks in the crown are not mentioned, so I am not sure if this colour results from pollen?  Most of my photos don’t show the crown fully, but I can see some grey feathers near the crown of the head, so this is probably a female bird.

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