Australian White Ibis

Australian White Ibis

When we awoke this morning, a small number of Australian White Ibis were wading in, and walking around the dam.  We didn’t actually count them, but there were about six or seven all in different locations.

It is hard to tell if these were a family of ibis, or a flock of individuals.  Males and females have the same markings, and the only distinguishing feature for immature Australian White Ibis is that they have black feathers on their head instead of a bare black head.  Unfortunately I didn’t get close enough to them to tell.

We are not sure if the ibis roosted here last night, or if they made a brief stopover for breakfast.  Either way, within half an hour of us spotting them, they were gone.

Australian White Ibis
Foraging in the water and in the mud at the edge of the dam, these Australian White Ibis surprised us with their presence at breakfast time.
Australian White Ibis
Our regular visitor, the White Faced Heron approaches the ibis, which are in its favourite fishing spot
Australian White Ibis.
I like this photo for the reflection on the surface of the dam.


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