I find it interesting to watch birds drink from the dam, as this is when they seem to be most vulnerable.  They appear to stop and look around before they bend their heads to the water.  These cockatoos were drinking just after sunrise.  There was much milling around and one bird drank at a time, while the others kept watch.

In contrast, the magpie was very triumphant about the large insect it had caught, and was waving it around in the air from the safety of a branch while it watched me walking past.

The photos of the magpie were taken on 27 February 2013 and the photos of the cockatoos were taken on 20 March 2013.

Cockatoos gather at the edge of the dam in the early morning light.
Only one bird drinks, while the others keep watch.
As soon as all of the birds have had a drink, they turn and walk up the bank before flying away.
Magpie with large insect.
The magpie was waving the insect around as if to show it off, but probably just to keep control over it.

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