Playing around with Cockatoos

While I much prefer to photograph birds in their natural habitat, providing a little bit of bird seed does offer a fantastic chance to get some close-up shots of the Sulphur Crested Cockatoos.  I wanted to convey the playful nature of Cockatoos, but also show their beauty.  To other birds, in this case a couple … Continue reading Playing around with Cockatoos


I find it interesting to watch birds drink from the dam, as this is when they seem to be most vulnerable.  They appear to stop and look around before they bend their heads to the water.  These cockatoos were drinking just after sunrise.  There was much milling around and one bird drank at a time, … Continue reading Breakfast

The end of the painted parrot

When we bought our house, a colourful wind parrot adorned the near end of the jetty.  From the house, it looked almost realistic.  More than one person thought it was a real bird, and went down to investigate it.  In high winds the rotating wings gave the illusion of fluttering, and it was very cheery.   … Continue reading The end of the painted parrot