White-Browed Scrubwren

White-Browed Scrubwren

We’ve recently returned to standard time after being on ‘Daylight Saving’ Summer time, so twilight sets in much earlier.  I often go walking twice a day – once in the morning, and once at around 5pm.  Over Summer, this meant that it was too early to spot mammals, and many birds were off feeding.  It could be pretty hit and miss whether I saw any wildlife.  Yesterday, the sun was beginning to set by 5:30pm and birds were starting to come back to their roosting trees.   The air was very still, and I could hear every crackle in the treetops.

Among the birds I photographed was this White-Browed Scrub Wren which was most definitely giving me a warning scold for daring to encroach on its territory.  I found it near our back boundary – in fact it is sitting on our boundary fence.  White-Browed Scrubwrens build their nests low in the undergrowth, in places like embankments, or in tussocked grasses.  This is the corner of our property where we have many Xanthoria growing. Xanthoria is a native grass tree which appears as a think clump of grass.  So, it makes sense that I would find the Scrubwren in this location.

I often hear birds calling from this corner of the property, but they are usually well hidden.  I’m pretty sure there are a number of species of small birds in this area.  At long last I have seen one of them!

White-Browed Scrubwren
This little bird was scolding me for being in its territory. Its voice sounded similar to the Superb Fairy Wren’s scold.


Scrubwren habitat
This photo of the native grasses and Xanthoria was taken a couple of months ago, but is in the same location I photographed the White-Browed Scrubwren last night.

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